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  As a bead maker and jewelry designer, I work with and meet many other people with similar interests. I am particularly close to several other local bead makers and jewelry designers. We exchange beads, travel and do shows together, brainstorm, and sometimes just have get-togethers. Each of us has a unique niche so we complement each other well. Each has also established a steady local market for their products.

The following is a short profile of each and a sample of their work. If you see something you like, I can refer them to you.

Barbara Robinson

Barbara is a jewelry designer and teacher. She spends most of her time creating unique pieces, traveling or teaching her craft. Her finished products are displayed in several local galleries and shops.

Barbara has just completed a set of 12 videos demonstrating different beading techniques. The videos are being sold under Artgems. (July 2002)

(Click on pictures for larger image) 

Alicia Oh

Alicia specializes in making Raku Beads. She produces beads of many sizes and shapes. Colors and textures constantly change as she experiments with different glazes. The following are examples of her work.

Black Raku Necklace

Black Raku Necklace with Ann's lampwork bead

(November 2002)

Brown Raku Necklace

Brown Raku Necklace (November 2002)


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